Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Sheep

The shape I’m in
Oh, she knows so well
My heart’s become
her sinking belle

The sinking belle
Oh, the sinking belle
I’m worried now
You’re worried now

We’re smaller than
we used to be
What came from you
is now inside me
Don’t ask me why
Oh, don’t ask me why
All my life
All my life
We’re in black and white

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Chapel Town

Floating over empty streets
Away from pain, away from everything
Pray that we will survive the night
Buildings falling, the soul

Watching you sleep, but I know
That your heart has grown cold
Let me dream, if only for tonight
That we leave together in the first morning light

Alone and forgotten
I bow my head in shame
Before you all answers reveal
So I sink my sorrows in
The sea

Pray that we will survive the night
Buildings falling, the soul


Night falls
Silence takes a grip.
Guilt I retrieved;
A burning will to die.
I need this to be over before
I am bleeding dry…

Somewhere along the highway, these tracks must end.
I pass a crowd on my way
to the house on the hill…

Dead man with pitchfork arms
tells me all that he knows;
leave me here, for the crows.
In the Fall, she came back…
And with her, the birds…

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Where are you tonight,
wildflower in starlit heaven?
Still enchanted in flight?
Obsession’s lament to freedom

A timeless word, the meaning’s changed,
but I’m still burning in your flames
Incessant, lustral masquerade
Unengaged, dim-lit love didn’t taste
the same

And I wonder
if you ever wonder the same
And I still wonder…

Monday, August 13, 2012

Try not to lose yourself; I’m way past trying; I’m way past caring; I’m way past hoping

Purpose and patience:
Are they swallowed,
or stations?

The only thing that can pull me through these kinds of times is something I have never actually received.  But, I know that there is at least one…

One mechanism to trigger me out of it.

But the cyclical and anti-reciprocal nature of life doesn’t provide those kinds of altering shifts, really.  You only think they do, until you realize the layer you’ve changed on only molted and fell away from a deeper, rougher and more eternal one.